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Muffle Furnace

Muffle Furnace
  • Maximum temperature upto 1200°C.
  • Recommended safe working temperature should not exceed 1100°C.
  • Digital Temp. Indicating Controller for use with the above furnaces.
Temperature Max : 1200°C
Champer Dimensions(H*W*D) Consumption/Hour
4" x 4" x 9" 2.00 KW
5" x 5" x 10" 3.00 KW
6" x 6" x 12" 3.75 KW
8" x 8" x 12" 5.00 KW
12" x 12" x 12" 7.50 KW
Heavy Duty Type (Max. Temp. 1200°C)
  • The outer chamber of the furnace is made of Mild Steel sheets and sections finished with powder coating. The furnace has a well-insulated Flap Door with a spy hole for viewing the inner chamber without opening the Door. The Furnace is suitable for Bench mounting.
  • The inner chamber of the furnace is made of smooth surface Sillimanite Muffle. The Heating is by means of imported 'A1' Kanthal heating element wound in form of coil and provided all round the inner chamber for faster heating and lesser current consumption. The gap between the outer and the inner chamber is insulated with a thick layer of high density Ceramic Fibre Wool Insulation.
  • The Terminal connections will be provided in a separate chamber at the back side of the furnace for easy maintenance A safety protection thermal fuse is provided to prevent the heating element from accidental heating. A fume exhaust will be provided at the back side of the furnace.
  • The control panel fixed at the right side of the furnace consists of an Indian Digital Temperature controller with a Chromel / Alumel Thermocouple for automatic temperature control, On / Off switch / Energy Regulator a Magnetic Contractor, indicating lamps and 2 meters of Three Core Cable for operation at 230 Volts single phase, 50 Hz, AC Mains.
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